Heidi Strawn
August 30, 2012

Add quaintness to your garden and keep your feathered friends well-fed with this craft that can be made in a matter of minutes. Photo by Stephanie Staton (HobbyFarms.com)

What do you do with your favorite teacup that has chipped or with a vintage find you just couldn’t pass up at the flea market? Instead of setting it on a cupboard shelf, where it will be hidden and left to gather dust, use the teacup as the base material for this a teacup bird feeder that is both easy to make and serves an important function in the garden.

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To get started, select your teacup and saucer and a high-performance, waterproof glue that can withstand a wide range of temperatures. Wash the cup and saucer, wipe them down with rubbing alcohol, and allow them to dry. Before pulling out the glue, determine the position of the cup on the saucer so the so the feeder will hold seed but not fill with rainwater when hanging outside.

Apply the glue to the saucer, and clamp or hold cup in place until glue sets. Once stable, allow the glue to cure overnight, or as recommended by the manufacturer.

Fill the cup with your birdseed of choice, then hang it by the handle on a shepherd’s hook in the garden.


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