Radishes, Lettuce and Potatoes … Oh My

This has been a great year for the garden already.

by Jessica Walliser
The garden is producing great vegetables like these peas
Jessica picks fresh peas—one of her
favorite veggies—from this pea plant.

This has been a great year for the garden already. 
Plenty of rain and so far the weeds have been manageable.  Let’s hope that continues through July and August! 

The lettuce harvest will come to an end in another week or two and the shell peas are really starting to fatten up. 

I think that if I had to pick one favorite veggie from the garden I would choose peas.  There is no way to compare a fresh picked pea (either shell, snow or snap) with those from the grocer’s freezer or even at the farmer’s market. 

At least with tomatoes there is some sort of shelf life, even with the heirlooms, but it seems to me that peas loose their sweetness even just a day after picking.  I’ll always grow them in the garden.

I yanked the radish out a few days ago and planted more cucumbers in their place.

A few nights ago a raccoon found its way into the garden (not sure what it was after) and knocked over all the potato plants.  They’re lying on the ground, but my guess is that it’s no matter, they’ll grow anyway—they always do! 

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I’ll dig up some young ‘new’ potatoes in two weeks.  It’s always fun to snitch them from around the edges of the potato patch.  They’re soooo sweet roasted on the grill or in the oven. 

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