Rain in July

July. And still the rain hasn’t stopped.

by Jessica Walliser

Photo by Jessica Walliser

The broccoli is already packaged in the
freezer to enjoy this winter.

July.  And still the rain hasn’t stopped.  Never has the back yard remained such a soggy, muddy mess for such a long time.  I’m getting tired of wiping dog paws

The garden, too, has suffered from this smooshy, waterlogged soil. 

I have a bunch of perennials in the lowest corner of the garden that are completely wilted, looking much like they are in need of water when in fact quite the opposite is occurring—too much water is starving the roots of oxygen and making the plants wilt.  It’s kind of sad.  I’m worried about the peonies that are there. 

I’m thinking the thick, fleshy roots may end up with rot; but I don’t want to move them right now because summertime relocation almost always spells death for peonies.  So I’m crossing my fingers for a drier July (ha, there is a wish I never thought I’d make!)

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On the upside (cause there always is one, right?), the sugar snap peas have been phenomenal this year. 

They never make it into the kitchen, though, since we tend to eat them all right off the plant and that’s OK since cooked sugar snaps just don’t do it for me.  Fresh is so much better.  The broccoli, too, has done extremely well.  I’ve managed to freeze several bags for winter use. 

And it certainly has been nice to not have to water all the containers … not even once have I had to lug the hose out to quench their thirst. 

Momma Nature has helped me big time on that one.  My front porch railing planters have always required a daily dousing but not this year.  I’m thankful for that since watering them requires toting dripping watering cans through the house and out the front door. 

Another good thing all this rain has brought about is the perfect excuse for all the weeds. 

When guests come, it’s easy to say “Please excuse all the weeds.  With so much rain this year, they are just taking over.  And, it’s been really difficult to find a dry time to get out in the garden to pull them.” 

If the guest is a gardening friend, they’ll nod their head in agreement, knowing full well the very same words will come out of their mouth the next time a friend shows up at their door.     

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