Recall: Kountry Buffet Horse Feed

Two batches of Kountry Buffet 14-percent horse feed are being recalled on suspicion of toxic levels of monensin sodium.

by Dani Yokhna
Recalled horse feed: Kountry Buffet 14-percent feed
Two lots of Kountry Buffett 14-percent feed may contain fatally-high levels of monensin sodium (Rumensin), according to manufacturer Western Feed LLC.

Western Feed LLC recalled two lots of Kountry Buffet 14-percent feed after reports of horses dying as a result of consuming the product, the company reported today.

The feed, distributed to retailers in Nebraska and Wyoming from Dec. 2, 2011, through Dec. 15, 2011, could contain the drug monensin sodium (Rumensin), which is approved for use in some livestock and poultry species but can be fatal to horses if fed at sufficiently high levels, according to the Morrill, Neb.-based company.

The recalled lots, M718430 and M720280, are packaged in 50-pound bags bearing the Payback logo with the attached tag identifying the products as Kountry Buffet 14-percent. The lot number is located toward the bottom of the tag, below the feeding directions. Retailers have already removed the recalled lots from their stores, according to Western Feed.

Initial testing on the horses that died from consuming the feed indicated the presence of a potentially harmful level of monensin sodium in the two recalled lots, the company said, and additional testing is underway.

The symptoms of toxicity vary with the amount of monensin ingested by a horse, according to Western Feed. Trace amounts could cause a horse to go off his regular feed, show signs of colic and appear unwell for a few days. Larger amounts will cause a horse to show more serious symptoms, including colic, stiffness, sweating, a lack of co-ordination and the inability to stand, within a few hours.

Customers who purchased the recalled product should stop feeding it immediately and call Western Feed at 308-247-2601.

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