Recipe: Quick Fermented Applesauce, Packed With Probiotics

Before apple season is over, make a quick batch of this fermented applesauce, a unique and particularly healthy alternative to canned products.

by Stephanie Thurow
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This is the quickest and easiest applesauce recipe you’ll ever make. It’s a unique fermenti-twist to the classic canned version and has the added benefit of probiotics. Be sure to blend up a quick batch of fermented applesauce before apple season is over.

Yield: 1 pint

Fermented Applesauce Ingredients

  • 3 organic small apples (about 3/4 pound), cored and rough chopped
  • 1/8 tsp coarse kosher salt
  • 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon 

Put the apples chopped in a food processor and puree until smooth. It’s up to your personal preference to leave skins on or remove them before pureeing. Removing the skins, though, will result in a silkier applesauce. 

Transfer the pureed apples to a clean pint jar, leaving at least a 1/2-inch of headspace (room from the puree to the rim of the jar). Stir in the salt and cinnamon. Mix well.

Wipe off the rim of the jar with a clean dampened towel. Add the canning jar lid and tightly screw on the ring.

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This is a short 3-day ferment. Ferment at room temperature, ideally between 60-75 degrees F (15-23 degrees C) and keep out of direct sunlight. The cooler the space, the slower the process of fermentation will happen. 

Burp the jar daily. Just unscrew the lid briefly and tighten it back on to allow any built-up gas to release.

After 3 days of fermentation, taste test the applesauce to make sure it has reached a fermented flavor of your liking. If it still tastes raw, allow it ferment another day or two. Then taste test again.

Once the ferment has reached an ideal flavor, transfer the jar into the refrigerator.

Fermentation does not stop once the ferment is transferred to the refrigerator. It does, however, slow the process way down. The taste and texture will continue to change.

This fruity ferment is best enjoyed within 2 weeks.

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Side Notes

Feel free to omit the cinnamon for a plain flavor for your fermented applesauce. Alternately, feel free to add 1 tsp of raw honey for a sweeter version, or a tsp of lemon juice for a more acidic blend.

Any variety of apples will work for this recipe.

Feel free to sub sea salt for kosher salt.

This recipe has been adapted from Can It & Ferment It with permission from Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. Find more recipes for apple preserving in Stephanie Thurow’s other books, WECK Small-Batch Preserving and WECK Home Preserving.

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