Cherie Langlois
December 29, 2010

Photo by Brett Langlois
The first item on my resolutions list is to finish our greenhouse and get to to seed-starting early.

‘Tis the time of year to make New Year’s resolutions (unless you’re my husband, who seems strangely immune to the resolution bug). Because we’ll be bidding farewell to good old 2010 and hello to shiny new 2011 in just a few short days, I figured I better get started. Now don’t worry—I won’t bore you with my usual list of easily broken personal-improvement resolutions (work out more often, quit procrastinating, and the like). But if it’s OK with you, I’d like to share four of my farm-focused resolutions for the New Year—and invite you to share your own rural resolutions in the comments below.                  

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1. Finish our greenhouse.
This is one project on THE LIST I resolve that my husband and I will:

    a. finish
    b. finish before 2011 expires, and preferably before this winter’s end, so I can get an early start on seed-starting.

2. Learn how to prune our fruit trees and grape vines properly
I’ve tried to teach myself the pruning basics from books and online resources, but in the end, I always fall back on a vague sort of pruning force to make the cuts, kind of like an extremely inept Luke Skywalker wielding pruners instead of a light saber. This year, I resolve to find and take a pruning class/workshop, or at least locate a wise Jedi gardener to give me pruning instruction. 
3. Spend more space and time growing good food. 
I’d like to expand our vegetable garden this year, plant some hazelnut trees, add more herbs to our front yard, and spend more time immersed in the relaxing, down-to-earth pleasure of gardening and growing our own delicious, organic food. I’d also like to grow some interesting new heirloom vegetables this year, starting with that weird veggie from another planet, kohlrabi.

4. Endeavor to be a better steward of our land and environment.
We’ve done a few things in this area over the past year, such as install rain barrels to catch roof runoff, set up a worm bin and new composter to handle kitchen waste, and work on mud control, but I know we can do way more. One goal: Improve the health of our pastures and prevent over-grazing so soil and nutrients don’t run off into our local waterways.

While I’m happy to be greeting another New Year full of exciting possibilities, I’m saddened to say this will be my last Country Discovery blog.  It’s been such a pleasure sharing my country experiences with you, and I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all of you who took the time to ramble along with me.

Happy New Year!
~ Cherie   

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