Rodney Miller Brings Tractor Knowledge, Respect of Others to McCormick

Leader of McCormick International talks with Hobby Farms about tractors, dealers and relationships

by Dani Yokhna

By Karri Sandino

How did Rodney Miller get to be one of those people who seems like he has the best job in the world?

Rodney Miller gathers with McCormick team members at the recent farm machinery show
From left: Rodney Miller, Max Armstrong, Amy Greene (Sales Coordinator), Kyle Watts (Territory Manager), Adam Ford (Service Intern).

Could be his attitude, embodied by his company’s motto: “Do the right thing, and treat people right.”

Miller, McCormick International USA’s chief executive officer, says, “We believe if we do those things, and keep them at the forefront of our daily activities, that positive results will eventually follow.”

He emphasizes the importance of building relationships among dealers, the company and customers, especially small farmers and those interested in becoming involved in rural living.

His job satisfaction could also be due to his lifelong exposure to and enjoyment of tractors and the agricultural industry.

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His father, Gene Miller, was a great lover of tractors and farming. Says Miller, “He was the finest person I ever met, bar none. My childhood memories of my activities on the farm at home and his guidance for me are my fondest.”

Miller grew up visiting hisUncle Charlie Miller’s International Harvester dealership in Mcleansboro, Ill., when he was a child.

“I loved going to my uncle’s dealership to look at the tractors,” says Miller.

He believes his uncle’s influence is what guided him to his success in the tractor business.

He also credits the employees of McCormick.

“To face the challenges at McCormick International,” Miller says, “it takes a great team of fellow coworkers. My reliance on them is tremendous, and only together can we be successful.”

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