Sample Garden Journal Pages

There are many ways to create your garden journal. Here are some sample garden journal pages to get you started.

by Dani Yokhna
In the 2009 March/April Hobby Farm Home, read more about creating an artful garden journal. Check out these sample garden journal pages below to get you started.

How does your garden journal grow?

Your garden journal can help you keep track of daily activities

You can make notes on daily activities and observations

You can jot down recipes to try with your home-grown goodies

You can track weather patterns

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You can fill your garden journal with details about each plant

You can paste photos and article clippings

You can keep track of your favorites

Keep records of plants in your garden journal 

Set up a page for a fall garden--especially if it's your first time

You can plan a fall garden

You can track growth

You can sketch garden plans

You can list seeds saved or bought and planted —

Use your journal to help you keep your garden growing strong, offer a history and record for other gardeners — and make gardening more enjoyable in whatever way pleases you most!

Use your journal to list all the seeds you plant

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