Tiffany Lin
September 13, 2011

lemons at farmers market

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At this weekend’s Good Food Festival and Street Fair, visitors can watch demos from LA’s distinguished chefs and eat street food from vendors that source from the Santa Monica farmers market.

Launching this week, the very first Southern California Good Food Festival & Conference, produced by, heralds a five-day celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Santa Monica Farmers Market. 

“The purpose of the Good Food Festival & Conference is to link some of the best local farmers and family-owned producers of food and farm products with the public, trade buyers and leaders in the field to foster relationships that facilitate the growth of local food systems,” says.

The event will take place from Sept. 14–18, in Santa Monica, Calif. 

“This unprecedented, multi-day event will focus on regional and national issues integral to building a local and sustainable food system while supporting the needs of California family farmers,” says.

Event highlights include: farmer-chef cooking demonstrations; two-day speaker series featuring national and regional leaders of the good food movement; preserving and gardening workshops; a film screening and discussion centering on the labor issues that surround the U.S. food system; a festival and street fair showcasing exhibits by family farmers and artisanal food producers; and more.

For more information on the Good Food Festival & Conference, click here.

To learn more about, click here.

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