Shine the Spotlight on Farm Moms

Love, as powerful as your mother's for you, leaves its own mark. —J.K. Rowling

by Rachael Dupree

Love, as powerful as your mother's for you, leaves its own mark. —J.K. Rowling (
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Spring marks a time on the farm when we get excited about the arrival of baby animals. We eagerly await that box of chicks from the hatchery, prepare our barns for kidding and lambing, and watch with joy as calves and foals take their first wobbly steps in the pasture. With newborns in the spotlight, sometimes cast to a secondary role are the true heroes of the farm: the mothers. 

Without these farm caretakers, our jobs as farmers would be much more difficult. Mother ducks and hens run their ducklings and chicks around the farm showing them the ropes. Mother cows tenaciously guard and nurture their new charges until the day they are able to become a viable member of the herd. Mother goats and sheep nurse and groom their newborns as we stand by, available only in the case of an emergency. The natural instincts in these animal moms not only ease our farm duties, but they paint a beautiful picture of the importance our own mothers play in our lives. 

Much of the success and joy I’ve experienced has been thanks to the love and support of my mom. My whole life, she’s been the one to encourage me to always seek out new chances to learn and grow. She’s been a shoulder to cry on when needed, and the one I share my dreams and goals with. She was the backbone of our household when I was growing up—we couldn’t have managed without her.  But much like the farm-animal mothers, her role was often overshadowed as her children stole the spotlight. Thankfully for us, that didn’t matter to her and she continued to stay by our side nonetheless.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday, take time to acknowledge and revel in the love of moms in your life. Maybe, like me, you had a mother who vowed to be by your side no matter what. If not, maybe someone else—an aunt or a grandma or a dear friend—filled that role. Maybe you know new moms who will be celebrating their first Mother’s Day this year, who are experiencing for the first time, the overwhelming compassion of motherly love. Maybe you have new farm animal moms who need your care and support as they make a home for their babies. A mother’s love is so special, and whether or not you’re the direct recipient of it, it makes our farms and this world a better place.

Which mothers are you celebrating this weekend? Share below in a comment!

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