Single Male Farmers Sought for Reality Show

CW network searches for single, young male farmers for romantic reality show about rural lifestyle

by Dani Yokhna

Single Farmers Sought for Reality TV ShowDo you or somebody you know work on a ranch or farm, been in the rodeo circuit, live the farming lifestyle and have an especially charming side?

If so, the CW network (formerly known as the WB and UPN) wants to hear from you—casting for their new network romantic reality show is underway, with filming slated to begin early July 2007.

Prospective guys must be:

  • Single
  • Age 23 – 30
  • Confident in real life and in your/his environment
  • In good shape
  • Have a “good-ole-boy” attitude
  • Able to charm the ladies

Please e-mail the following information to Alicia Good,

  • Age
  • Contact information including e-mail and phone numbers
  • How you/they fit description: rancher/farmer/cowboy
  • Farm/ranch experience
  • Five to 10 photos showing: face, body (at least one with the shirt off), anything showing you/them on the ranch/farm

Interested? E-mail your information today or contact Alicia Good at (818) 748-1273 for more information.

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