Snapdragons, Rainbow Eggs Star At Goose Pond Homestead

Telo Anderson from the Wisconsin-based homestead tells us about using a farm stand to forge connections with the local community.

by Phillip Mlynar
PHOTO: Goose Pond Homestead

“I wholeheartedly believe that the world would be a kinder, more understanding and joyful place if we all had a tiny homestead to care for,” says Telo Anderson from the Goose Pond Homestead in Poynette, Wisconsin.

Running the venture in tandem with her husband Travis, the homestead focuses on providing a mix of rainbow eggs, seasonal produce and hand-crafted small goods. There’s also a farm stand, which helps forge connections with the local community.

“We’re building an infinite amount of invaluable skills that not only benefit our family and our homestead, but also benefit our friends, family and community,” says Anderson as she reflects on her family’s adventures in homesteading to date.

We spoke to Anderson about building up the homestead and caring for chickens. We also got into the joys of adding Snapdragons to the land.

An Invitation to Homesteading


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“I owe my interest and inspiration for homesteading to my husband, Travis,” says Anderson, recalling how her interest in Goose Pond Homestead began. “He planted our first garden all by himself. I harvested and cooked the bounty for our little family.”

Building on that early sense of momentum, the Andersons added six chicks and a homemade coop the next year.

“Our first little garden and tiny flock of chickens opened my eyes and heart to the better quality of life that comes with homesteading,” says Anderson.

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Welcome to the Chicken Clubhouse

The homestead’s resident poultry reside in a converted barn that’s been dubbed the Chicken Clubhouse.

“They may have ‘bird brains,’ but their intelligence and personalities are not to be underestimated,” says Anderson. “They remember their favorite people, foods and nesting spots and know how to safely put themselves to bed each night.

“I find the members of our Chicken Clubhouse to be full of joy and intellect.”

A Goofy & Entertaining Flock

In general, Anderson characterizes the chickens on the homestead as “goofy and entertaining.” She says they merrily follow her around like puppies. They hop up and down to snack on low branch fruit and enjoy sprawling out to bask in the sun.

“Oh, and dust bathing!” she adds. “I always find it fascinating that chickens clean themselves with dirt. It’s so entertaining to see dirt flying in the air, landing on their bodies and magically ridding them of bothersome pests.”

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Spotlight on Snapdragons

Alongside the chickens and the produce, Goose Pond Homestead hosts a vivd array of flowers. It turns out this was Anderson’s first year attempting to grow cut flowers.

“I am most proud of my Snapdragons because they are grown from seeds that literally look like specs of dirt,” she says. “When I first planted their seeds I wasn’t very confident that they would sprout. But I’m grateful to say that they did!

“Those little specs of dirt-like seeds are blooming to life with such vibrant happy colors.”

A Caring Sharing Farm Stand

In 2020, Anderson added a farm stand to bring an extra element to the homestead. She calls it her “favorite creative outlet” and explains how it’s “one of the best ways to share our homestead with the community.”

The farm stand offers seasonal produce, homemade goods and rainbow eggs.

“Each year I find myself adding at least two new items that are either made on our homestead or made in Wisconsin,” she says. “We are already needing more room for all our goodies!”

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