Snohomish Lavender Farm Is About Connecting With Community

Washington-based Allison Lamb tells us how growing up with a love of the outdoors blossomed into running her family's Snohomish Lavender Farm.

by Phillip Mlynar
PHOTO: Snohomish Lavender Farm

“I feel very fortunate to have grown up in the Pacific Northwest,” says Allison Lamb, who runs the Snohomish Lavender Farm and photography venue in Washington. “In the ’80s and ’90s it was natural to be outside all the time. And to this day I prefer to spend my time outdoors. Yes, it sure does rain a lot here, but it’s worth it when you get to soak in the beauty of the Puget Sound. All the different textures and colors of summer through fall bring me great joy.”

Lamb’s outdoors-based upbringing officially transformed in Snohomish Lavender Farm in 2020, when she and her family secured an old farm set on 5 acres of property. A humble vision to establish a vegetable garden and a greenhouse has now grown into a full-on hobby farm, which supplants lavender with dahlias and sunflowers.

Taking a moment from caring for her flowers, we spoke to Lamb about her favorite types of lavender seedlings and how family is a key part of hobby farming. We also got into lavender’s culinary potential.

Searching for Room to Get Creative


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When looking at properties in 2020, Lamb says the goal was to find a place “that gave us the room to be creative.” Lamb adds that the idea to establish a hobby farm developed over time and came about organically.

“One moment I can say for sure that helped solidify my dream for a hobby farm was when I was pregnant with my second child and we were looking for a safe private place to take maternity photos,” explains Lamb. “I couldn’t find a flower farm that offered the vibe I was looking for. I love photography and if I can offer to share my garden with families to safely bring their families to capture those special moments, then why not?”

Putting Trust in Lavender

“I love lavender because of its wide range of uses and it’s a hardy herb that is easy to maintain and grow in my region,” says Lamb, recalling why the aromatic shrub became the focus of her hobby farm. “In the spring of 2021, we planted over 200 lavender seedlings. Folgate, Royal Velvet and Grosso are the three varieties we grow here on the farm. We hope to expand over the years.”

Bringing Lavender into The Kitchen

Lavender wreaths and sachets are the biggest requested items at Snohomish Lavender Farm. But Lamb says embracing the shrub’s culinary potential is fascinating.

“Folgate and Royal Velvet are perfect for in the kitchen,” she says. “You can enjoy lavender lemonade, tea and baked goods. Beyond the kitchen, this aromatic herb is highly sought after for its health benefits and cosmetics.”

A World Beyond Lavender

After Snohomish Lavender Farm’s titular crop, Lamb says they also grow over 300 cultivars of dahlia flowers and frequently receive requests for sunflowers.

“Most farms grow sunflowers late in the season for a fall attraction. Our customers here are always pleased when we have them available earlier in the summer.”

Connecting with Community

At heart, Lamb says that Snohomish Lavender Farm is about connecting with the local community. “It is rewarding to have photographers bring their clients to capture those special moments here on the farm, especially when they return all season long, year after year,” she explains.

Additionally, Lamb says the inherent family aspect of hobby farming brings her a rewarding feeling. “The farm is a special place for my family,” she says. “We have fun watching it develop with each season. The kids love to help me in the garden. They get so excited to eat what they planted, pick flowers and share them with their friends or neighbors.

“My oldest daughter likes to help make bouquets and sell them. We are teaching the kids the bounty of accomplishment and what it means to put in hard work.”

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