Sociable Serama Chickens Help Keep Things Ticking At Little Farmer Me

Marion Petersen from the Southern California-based hobby farm gives us the scoop on how to care for these adorable chickens.

by Phillip Mlynar
PHOTO: Little Farmer Me

Marion Petersen runs a hobby farm in the city of Temecula in Southern California that specializes in raising Serama chickens. These eye-catching birds are instantly recognizable by virtue of their extra frizzled looks and adorably dinky stature.

Naturally, when Petersen started an Instagram account named Little Farmer Me to document the daily goings on at her hobby farm, the Serama chickens quickly became the star attraction.

We spoke to Petersen about the charms of Seramas as well as discussed caring for these delicate birds. We also got into the companionship that chickens can offer to humans.

A Ranching Heritage

Petersen says that “farming is in my blood.” She credits her interest in hobby farming to an upbringing on a large ranch that featured “over 50 head of buffalo, lots of horse and several small animals.”

She adds that her current 3-acre hobby farm is a “smaller version of my childhood,” and is presently populated by horses, goats, dogs and the Seramas.

A Social Type Of Chicken

Three years ago, Petersen decided to focus on Serama chickens, the stars of Little Farmer Me. “I realized out of all the chicken breeds, I found Seramas to be the most social,” she explains. “They truly love the companionship of humans.”

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Dealing with a Delicate Bird

On a day-to-day basis, Petersen says that maintaining a healthy Serama flock is all about realizing just how delicate the birds are. It’s also about providing appropriate care and maintenance.

“I have lost several,” she explains. “Losing them, I learned a lot of really good stuff about keeping flocks healthy—stuff you can do to be proactive about keeping healthy birds.”

Big Personalities on the Farm

When it comes to the personality of Serama chickens, Petersen characterizes them as being a bird that packs a “giant personality into a tiny little body!”

Petersen adds that her Seramas “love human interaction and love to be held and snuggled.” Her birds are also adept at chatting to humans and following people around in the fashion of a puppy.

“They are such kind creatures!” she says.

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A Rewarding Lifestyle

Petersen grew up around farming and ranching culture. But these days she says there are a couple of things in particular that she finds most rewarding about the lifestyle.

“It’s the company and the friendship the Seramas have given me,” she explains. “And watching the love that they bring to others just warms my heart.”

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