Something New You Can Do With Eggs This Easter

Use up the whole egg during your springtime cooking by saving the shells for this simple garden craft.

by Rachael Dupree
PHOTO: iStock/Thinkstock

As springtime festivities roll around, the humble egg gets some major play: deviled eggs, dyed eggs, eggs made of chocolate! Here’s a way to put the leftover eggshells from all your spring cooking projects to use while also satisfying your green thumb: seed-starting cups.

This project from Kelly Ladd over at Mother Nature Network requires few materials other than seeds, soil and nimble fingers. Cut the tops off the eggs using a knife—saving the valuable goods inside for cooking, of course—then fill with soil and plant your seeds as you usually would. While this might not be the most practical seed-starting method, these little planters make great Easter-basket goodies for children with a budding interest in gardening. Plus, the whole egg cup can be planted in the ground at transplanting time, giving the soil an extra calcium boost.

Ladd writes:

“When your seedlings have grown enough, carefully crack the bottom of the shells and place the shells directly in the ground.”

How great!

Tell us, what fun things are you doing with eggs this season?

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