Soooo Many Chores!

Fall has definitely arrived.

by Jessica Walliser
Garden plant
Photo by Jessica Walliser
I love fall, but during this time of year, my garden presents me with many chores.

Fall has definitely arrived. The leaves are dropping like flies and there’s a bit of nip in the air. I love this time of year. Not for the pending winter, for sure, but for the finality of the growing season. It’s a good time to take stock of garden successes and get ready for a rest. 

Still, it also brings soooo many chores. Last weekend, I started to rip out the veggie garden and get it in order. The cuke and squash vines have been composted along with the pepper plants. The crazy out-of-hand borage plant was uprooted and the herb garden trimmed and tamed. I can’t say I loved the “Amish” thyme I put in this spring (to me, it is no different then regular thyme—I didn’t taste any difference) but I’ll wait ’til spring to decide if I want to keep it. I pulled out the basil before it got frosted for the first time ever. No more pesto, please! A few plants went a long way this summer. 

This weekend, I plan to tackle the tomato plants, pulling them up, harvesting the remaining green fruits and pulling up the hardwood stakes. I should also harvest the last few cabbage heads and tuck them into the fridge while I’m at it. I’ll leave the beets and carrots in until Thanksgiving or maybe even beyond. Last year’s beets and turnips lasted well into the winter. A nice December treat, for sure!

I have managed to tackle the perennial-garden chores. It looks much better. The containers, too, will have to be deconstructed soon. But that’s for another day— like I said, sooooo many chores!

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