Speedy Sewing Project: Gathering Apron

Make harvesting easier with an apron that can hold all your garden goodies.

by Emily Lawrence Mendoza

It’s always great to have an extra hand when harvesting in the farm, and this easy-to-sew apron eliminates the need to lug a basket or bag around.

What You’ll Need:

Gathering Apron

  • pillow case
  • 2½ yards of 2-inch-thick ribbon
  • 1 yard of 1-inch-thick ribbon
  • two buttons
  • sewing machine with a button hole function.
  • scissors

Step 1

Gathering Apron

Lay the pillowcase on your work surface with the opening faced toward you. At the sewn top of the pillowcase, pin two 1/2 inch darts each about 2 inches out from the center.

Step 2

Gathering Apron

Fold the 2-inch ribbon in half lengthwise, and pin it to the sewn edge of the pillowcase, being sure to align the centers.

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Step 3

Gathering Apron

Sew the ribbons and folded darts near the top of the ribbon. This will be the waistband of your apron

Step 4

Gathering Apron

Once the ribbon waistband is attached, fold it up to hide the stitching and tack it down with two buttons, each about 1½ inches in from the sides of the pillow case.

Step 5

Gathering Apron

Fold the open pocket of the pillowcase up to meet the waistband. Mark and sew button holes into the back hem of the opening.

Step 6

Gathering Apron

Cut a small opening on the back hem, right at the center in between the button holes, being careful to only cut through the font layer of fabric.

Step 7

Gathering Apron

Thread the thinner ribbon through the the pocket of the pillowcase’s hem. Cut two more slits in the same manner to get the ribbon around the surged side seam. Once the ribbon makes it back to the hole, pull both ends and tie them off into a bow, leaving a large enough opening so that you can easily place the edibles you gather into the opening.

Gathering Apron

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