Spring: Chickens Are Coming, Veggies Are Growing

I am so excited! The chickens are coming, the chickens are coming!

by Jessica Walliser

After a 3 year absence, chickens are finally returning to the Wallisers
Jessica’s niece plays with their old chicken flock on the farm.

I am so excited!  The chickens are coming, the chickens are coming! 

After three years sans chickens, we’re getting a new flock within the next few weeks.  I ordered the coop from Horizon Structures and my hubby is getting the fencing up within the next few days. 

Our young ladies are coming from a farmer friend of mine who has a mixed flock of all kinds of funky varieties.  They’ll be very unique, no doubt. 

We’re just getting 5 hens as they will lay enough to supply our little family and our gracious neighbors who have agreed to take care of the hens when we go on vacation (which is hardly ever it seems). 

I truly could not be more excited – go ahead and call me a geek if you want – it would just be the truth!

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The veggie garden is looking really good right now. 

I should be able to start picking the lettuce in another week or so, the peas are up a few inches, the radish will be harvestable in about a week, and I’m busy deciding which tomatoes I’m going to plant (check future postings for more details about that). 

I planted extra broccoli plants this year since my 3-year-old is finally eating it and I put in 10 pounds of seed potatoes (yikes!).  


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