Spring Romance

Contributing editor Cherie Langlois tells a tale of spring romance on the farm.

by Dani Yokhna

About the Author
Cherie Langlois is a freelance writer and photographer who has lived in the country for about 17 years and hobby farms in Kapowsin, Wash.

Here on our farm, I love how spring descends amidst the deafening ring of courting tree frogs and the romantic blush of red flowering currant.

Hummingbirds zing around, my ducks and chickens produce eggs again, and despite March hailstorms and April showers, spring makes a sanity-saving promise of brighter, warmer days to come. 

Benjamin Franklin Turkey goes a-courtin'

©Cherie Langlois

Benjamin Franklin Turkey succumbs to spring romance, spring fever, attempting to woo a lovely lady chicken at contributing editor Cherie Langlois’ farm.

Life is renewed, love is in the air (or at least hormones run high), and this means anything can happen.            

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Case in point:  About three weeks ago, a stray male turkey appeared at our neighbor’s place and after a short stay there, hopped the fence over to our farm in search of feathered companionship. 

He has spent each day since gobbling and strutting his tom turkey stuff, trying to woo our chickens, Muscovy ducks, and one very disgusted drake. 

Sadly, we lack a turkey hen, so we won’t be having any turkey poults — yet.  Not that Benjamin Franklin Turkey seems to mind.  Yes, we liked him enough to name him–even though he occasionally attacks the strange turkey in our living room window (Hello? That’s you, turkey).  Okay, he’s not the brightest chick in the nest, but his amorous displays are really cool.

Anyway, here’s to spring on our farms, with its romance and surprises.  Enjoy it while it lasts!

~ Cherie

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