5 Reasons Why You Need A Staple Gun On Your Farm

A staple gun is a useful tool to have around your farm. Here are five reasons why everyone needs a staple gun.

by J. Keeler Johnson
PHOTO: Daniel Johnson

Part of the fun of being a farmer (at least if you’re like me) is having a logical excuse—er, reason—to own lots of tools. I’ve already explained my fondness for electric drills and pruning loppers (both critical, in my opinion), and I’ve made the case why every farmer should own a ratchet and socket set. Just recently, I was working on a project that required attaching hardware cloth to a series of wooden frames (creating something not unlike window screens), and my tool of choice for the job was a staple gun.

In case you’re not familiar with this tool, a staple gun (such as this one) is a small, handheld device that operates in a way similar to an ordinary household stapler, except that a staple gun is significantly more powerful. Instead of merely pressing down on the top of the device (as you would with an ordinary stapler), a staple gun has a large lever that amplifies its stapling power.

Here are five reasons you need a staple gun among your farm tools.

1. It’s Easy To Use

What could be easier than placing the staple gun into position and pulling the lever? It’s arguably easier to use than a household stapler. Plus, reloading the staples is as easy as opening the unit and sliding a new row of staples into place.

2. It’s Powerful

While the capabilities of staple guns vary from model to model, the one I used had no difficulty driving half-inch staples into pine wood.

3. It’s Lightweight And Portable

Because it’s small and lightweight, you can easily toss this item into a tool box and carry it to whatever project you might be working on. You will not tire from carrying a staple gun around!

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4. It Operates Without A Power Source

One of this tool’s biggest advantages? It’s powered entirely by your own strength—it doesn’t require batteries, a power cord, or an air compressor. This makes it simple to use because you can just grab it and get to work—no need to hunt for a battery!

5. It’s Fun!

I personally find a staple gun fun to use since it makes a resounding “snap!” sound when in use and you feel like you’re actually contributing to the job, rather than simply pushing a button and letting a motor do the work.

If you own a staple gun, let us know why you like to use it.

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