Startup Offers New Approach to Farmers Markets

Farmigo has raised $16 million for its alternative to how people get their food from farmers markets.

by Dani Yokhna

Startup Offers New Approach to Farmers Market (

There are a few farmers markets near(ish) to me, each held on different Saturdays and Sundays, making the trip convenient if I don’t mind a few 40-minute drives. When my weekends are full of little league baseball games, family gatherings or other plans, a trip to the farmers market isn’t really a viable option.

For those like me who can’t always make the trip (or worse, who can never make the trip because there are none nearby), Farmigo is offering an alternative. The startup is a “consumer marketplace where you can order farm-fresh groceries, then pick them up from local ‘food communities,’ such as a nearby school or office,” Tech Crunch reports. The orders are placed online, connecting consumers with farmers in a different way.

Startup Offers New Approach to Farmers Market (

Farmigo’s Founder and CEO, Benzi Ronen, told Tech Crunch that the company works because, “We’ve basically built an end-to-end ERP system that tracks everything in the supply chain. We know exactly what [the farmers’] inventory is; we know exactly what was preordered and packed—this is the software that the driver uses to manage the pickup site. Building that software has been our labor of love for the last six years.”

Farmigo has raised $16 million for this venture.

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Currently, Farmigo is serving the Northern California, New York City and New Jersey areas. The Seattle-Tacoma area will be added on October 14. Tech Crunch reports that Farmigo currently sells to over 15,000 families, with 2,000 new families being added each month.


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