Stop Junk Mail!

Eliminate waste (and hassle) by removing yourself from mail lists.

by Lisa Munniksma
Junk mail

Use to reduce junk mail in your mailbox, and cut down on waste in the process.

If you dread opening your mailbox not for the bills that await but for the junk mail that could bury you on the spot, it’s time to stop it. The key, we’re told, to halting the direct-marketing mail you receive is to get your name off of the mailing lists. That seems easy enough—until you consider there are thousands of companies that use direct-mail promotions.

According to, these companies aren’t out to create waste and make your recycling bin heavier—they actually want to put their product in front of the people who are most interested in it. If you happen to be one of those people who aren’t interested, visit, and ask them to help get your name off of these myriad lists.

By filling out your contact information and answering a series of questions about what—if any—mailing lists you’d like to be on, they’ll keep unwanted mail out of your mail box. This way, you have less junk mail to sort, the companies get better-targeted mailing lists, your postal carrier saves his back, and the landfills win, too.

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Now if only someone would develop a do-not-email list!

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