Surf’s Up for These Urban Goats

Three surfing goats are catching attention—and waves—at Pismo Beach, Calif. Anyone up for a surf lesson?

Let’s be real—we urban farmers are radical people. We grow our salad on rooftops. We keep chickens as pets. We take our goats to the beach…

Wait. What?!

Yes, friends. This is a true story. Because why, if you had the pleasure of owning goats and partaking in their delicious milk, wouldn’t you give back to them with a little bit of bonding time, sunbathing and surfing? Doing anything but would just be … crazy!

According to a report by the Associated Press, urban goat owner Dana McGregor and his three (not so gruff) goats—Goatee, Pismo and Grover—are becoming quite the beach bums at Pismo Beach in California, hanging ten and even teaching lessons to all the surfer guppies. But just like all off-farm goats rearing heads with urban zoning laws, they’re in danger of being evicted from their ocean sanctuary.

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McGregor recently received $400 in fines for keeping goats in the city, the Huffington Post reported, though the surfing goats technically still have free reign of the beach.

The goats are more than just coastal eye-candy. They earn their keep as registered service animals and are even raising money to buy kid goats for kid humans in Haiti. In addition, Goatee is the star in a children’s book, “The Surfing Goat, Goatee” written by his owner, McGregor. 

Don’t you feel just a little bit cooler knowing about these surfing goats? I sure do.

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