Sustainable Wine

When adding a wine to your cellar, make sure it’s certified-green.

by Krissa Finch
SIP Certified wine

Courtesy SIP

Practice sustainability down to the very last drop with SIP Certified wine. Look for the Sustainability in Practice label on your wine bottles.

Raise a glass to sustainability with your next sip of wine. Today, there are nearly 50,000 cases of wine from more than 10,000 acres of vineyards that carry the Sustainability in Practice Certified seal confirming that that the wine was made with 85-percent SIP Certified fruit.

The Central Coast Vineyard Team, a nonprofit grower group that promotes sustainable wine growing through research, education and outreach, designed the SIP Certified program to promote sustainable practices in vineyards. To be SIP Certified, growers must follow a set of strict standards relating to soil and water conservation, integrated pest management, energy conservation, and protection of biological and human resources, all of which are audited.

“In the program’s official second year, it is exciting to see the SIP Certified seal on a bottle of wine and to see the welcomed response from consumers who look to support companies doing the right thing in terms of the land and their people,” says Kris O’Connor, CCVT’s executive director.

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California wineries currently showcasing the SIP Certified seal include Baileyana-Tangent in Edna Valley, Pomar Junction Vineyard and Winery in Templeton, D’Anbino Vineyards and Cellars in San Miguel, and Robert Hall Winery and Halter Ranch in Paso Robles.

Use SIP Certified wine in your cooking with these wine recipes.

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