Master Breeders in the Making

The Livestock Conservancy documents the knowledge of master breeders to pass along to new keepers of heritage livestock.

ALBC Pushes to Conserve Texas Longhorns

Texas Longhorn cattle are among two new breeds added to the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy’s Conservation Priority List, while several others graduate from the program.

Choctaw Hog Faces Extinction

With only 100 individuals left in the U.S., the Choctaw hog is the center of a new conservation campaign spearheaded by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

Free Dairy-processing Resource Released

In response to positive feedback about its dairy processing workshop, the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy releases a related workbook available online to all hobby farmers.

Recovering Java Chickens

The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy begins its second year in a project to recover America’s second-oldest chicken breed.

Rare Chickens at a Glance

Download the rare-chickens chart for a quick reference of breeds listed as Critical on the American Livestock Breed Conservancy Conservation Priority List.