Drought Management of Livestock

Use these four tips for proper drought management to keep your grazing animals healthy during this summer’s dry weather.

6 Holiday Hazards to Avoid

Keep your livestock safe as the season’s festivities begin by steering clear of these common holiday dangers.

Brucellosis in Cattle

Although now a controlled livestock disease, Brucellosis can cause problems for hobby-farm herds if carried by wildlife.

Bunny Love

It’s wonderful being surrounded by so many animals all the time, but let’s face it: It can be hard to spend enough time with all of them when you are busy working and doing chores just to take care of them.

Foiled Again

Photo by Audrey Pavia My hens like to lay their eggs where I can’t reach them. Sometimes I feel like there is a conspiracy going on in my barnyard. At the risk of sounding paranoid, I occasionally sense that my critters get together behind my back and try to figure out ways to make my […]

Animal to Acreage Ratio

Give your livestock room to roam and make sure that you have enough farm space to support them.

Signs of Spring

You know how I talked last week about some of the Boers shedding their cashmere undercoats? Now they’re all doing it; that’s a sign of spring!

Cats in the Pantry

At my urban farm, I have four cats who live in the house. Two of them—Cheddar and Stanley—are real terrors, and truly make life a challenge.

Keep Show Livestock Healthy

Use these tips to keep your show animals healthy and safe before, during and after competition.

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