Young woman looking at plants in greenhouse, close-up

Millennials Seek Out Nontraditional Farming

As hydroponic greenhouses and vertical farms are making their way into suburban and urban areas, the next generation of farmers is seeking careers that are changing the industry and offering a better paycheck.

Grove Ecosystem Lets You Grow A Salad In Your Home

Instagram Living in a city does not provide much space for gardens. It’s great if you have a house with a large backyard, but that’s not the case for many city dwellers. If you’re confined to apartment living or have a townhouse, condo or house with not enough backyard space for a garden, you’re limited […]

Fighting Homelessness with Sustainability

Courtesy Institute for Human Services Hawaii As part of the urban farming initiative at the Institute for Human Services Hawaii, residents grow vertical gardens, which provide food for the emergency shelter and help lower the building’s cooling costs. The state of Hawaii depends significantly on imported foods, due in large part to the high property […]