7 Ways to Keep and Cook Asparagus

As a simple side dish or an ingredient to liven up the main meal, nothing quite outshines the flavor and crispness of farm-grown asparagus.

Aspiring to Asparagus

Whether thin and delicate, fat and green, or white with purple shadings, asparagus poking up through its protection of straw is a sure sign of the oncoming growing season.

Recipe: Spring Shrimp with Snow Peas and Asparagus

Photo by Judith Hausman Asparagus and snow peas look beautiful (and delicious!) against pink shrimp. Our garden group had preferred sugar snap peas hands down, but as our first vines started to flower lavender and purple, we realized that those wily yellow and purple snow peas had gotten themselves planted somehow. No matter — the […]

White Asparagus

Photo by Rick Gush White asparagus is mostly grown in Germany, but I can find it here in Italy just fine. One of the things I love about the Internet is that it is full of lies, but it is also a great place to do research. So good, that I’ve gotten rid of all […]

Asparagus Raised Beds—Check!

I’m checkin’ something off the to-do list, and it’s a big ticket item—how I love it when that happens! I spent yesterday building raised beds and planting my asparagus in them. The lumber for the raised beds has been sitting in the garage since autumn, so it’s nice to have the project completed …

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