A Tough Decision

Photo by Audrey Pavia Red will be going to a new home soon. Last night was a hard night. I finally made a decision I had been struggling with for months: It was time to give up my quarter horse, Red. Red came to us about four years ago, when his owners, Kim and Mike, […]

Roast Chickens

Photo by Audrey Pavia My chickens were so hot this last weekend, they dug areas in the mulch, which stays cool and moist. While the East Coast was being battered by Hurricane Irene last weekend, the West Coast was sweltering in a heat wave. No one knows this better than my poor chickens. Because my […]

Attack of the Figeater

Photo courtesy of Jengod/Wikipedia The June bug that went after me last weekend looks just like this one. This spring, my sister, Cyndi, came to visit me from the island where she lives in the South Pacific. While I was at work one day, she planted a garden of tomatoes. Now, four months later, I […]

A Close Call

Rio takes a step in the wrong direction.

Coyotes in the Midst

Photo by Audrey Pavia Seen as a nuisance by many, I see coyotes as animals that bring a little excitement to the night. A lot of people don’t like coyotes; they raid trashcans and eat the family cat. Some people are afraid of coyote attacks on their kids. But not me — I love coyotes. […]

Watching Lucas

Photo by Audrey Pavia Lucas came to visit and made me laugh more than once. When my friend, Lisa, asked if she could leave her mom’s Rat Terrier, Lucas, in my spare bedroom today, I figured why not. I’d never met Lucas, but Lisa said he was a good boy, so I wasn’t worried. Lisa […]

Fighting Roosters

Photo by Audrey Pavia Mr. Molly and Mr. Mabel had to learn how to just work it out among themselves. Last month, I blogged about my two roosters, Mr. Mabel and Mr. Molly. I was feeling grateful that they hadn’t gotten into their yearly brawl. Apparently, I jinxed myself because, the other day, the two […]

Bunny Love

It’s wonderful being surrounded by so many animals all the time, but let’s face it: It can be hard to spend enough time with all of them when you are busy working and doing chores just to take care of them.

Cat Love

When I’m surrounded by horses, chickens, rabbits and the most charming Corgi in the world, it’s easy to take my cats for granted.

Bert the Camel

I’ve been obsessed with animals since I was a little kid and have spent more time at zoos and farms than I have in playgrounds and parks. So it’s not often that I see an animal that really takes my breath away. But it happened this past weekend, right here in the town where I live.