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Keeping A Conservation Flock: Getting Started

Backyard chickens are super popular today, but many breeds still face endangered status. Here’s what to keep in mind when starting a conservation flock to ensure a breed’s future.

7 Reasons To Choose Ducks Over Chickens

  Lisa Steele Backyard chickens are all the rage nowadays in rural and urban areas alike. Many towns and even cities are changing their laws to allow a small flock of chickens, but why not consider a few ducks instead? Ducks might actually make more sense for your family and be easier on your yard […]

chicken anatomy

Chicken Anatomy 101

Use these diagrams to help you learn more about hen and rooster anatomy.

4 People Who Judge Your Urban Chickens

Rachel Hurd Anger Chicken keepers have supporters and critics everywhere. From rural career farmers to city dwellers, judgments are all over the map. Here are four types of people who have opinions about your urban farming habits. Can you name these people in your community? 1. The Encouraging Ally The best supporter is often a […]

4 Tips For Selling Backyard Eggs

Every year I look forward to my local newspaper’s holiday haiku contest. Its many ‘winners’ see their poems published in the Christmas edition of the Courier-Journal. In 2014, a sign nailed to a mailbox post stating “Fresh Eggs” inspired me to submit this: ”Fresh Eggs!” shingles read. Yoking to activism, Metro Cluckers flock. When we […]

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