4 Foods that Boost Soil Nitrogen

Plants in the legume family have the ability to fix nitrogen in your farmā€™s soil, but these four crops will feed you, too.

Chickpea and Escarole Soup

Ā  There are so many variations on beans and greens. While I love the stew-like Italian pasta e fagioliĀ and PortugueseĀ caldo verde, Iā€™m especially fond of this sparse, nourishing version. Yes, you can add a small ham hock, slices of good sausage, little meatballs, a minced hot pepper, some barley or small pasta, but the simplest […]

Winter Slaw

Ā  Photo by Judith Hausman Top some tacos with this winter slaw. We had black bean and corn tacos for dinner last night: perfect warming food for a frigid snowy night. The local corn in them (I had frozen wisely) reminded us that summer would eventually return. Still, even wintery dinners need the refreshment and […]

build chili

Build Your Own Chili

Sprinkle in your own personality and preferences and create a distinct chili by using your favorite beans and other additions.

Serendipitous Bean Soup Mix

This fun food gift creatively showcases the color diversity of beans with a message of friendship.

Moroccan stew

Moroccan Stew

With hints of curry and raisins, this recipe juxtaposes savory and sweet flavors to showcases just how exotic-tasting beans can be.

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