Winter Treats for the Birds

Our farm is named after the beautiful mockingbird, which tends to be quite territorial about the property where it nests.

Beep! Beep! The Real Scoop on Roadrunners

Uzzi and I were amazed when a roadrunner appeared on our farm this year. Yes, a roadrunner—just like the one in cartoons. We thought he’d say, “Beep! Beep!” and when he didn’t, we asked him why. He gave us a disdainful look that said “foolish goats” and replied, “We are not at all like that silly cartoon!”

Add these accessories to your coop to make your chickens feel more at home.

15 Accessories For Your Chicken Coop

Choosing from the many accessories available for your chicken coop can be overwhelming. Use this guide to determine what you need right away and what can be added to the wish list.


Broomcorn for the Birds

I have really been enjoying watching the birds this winter. Although they always love the black oil sunflower seeds and suet we put out for them, this year they seem to be particularly fond of the broomcorn a farmer friend gave to me.

3 Ways to Keep a Pest-free Garden

In last week’s post, I discussed a couple of excellent pest-prevention techniques you can easily employ in your own garden. Here are a few more of my favorites.

Wet Spring Hurts Wildlife Populations

Excessive rains this spring have caused short-term nesting problems for bird and small-mammal populations, according to the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Mr. Pecker

A feisty male house finch has taken to fighting with his reflection in the ladies’ room where I work. Sometimes I feel incredibly lucky. Not only do I live in an amazing urban-farming community, but I also work here, just a couple of miles from my house. The property where I work is around a […]

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