Autumn Brussels Sprouts

No more turning up your nose to Brussels sprouts! Renew this cool-season veggie with other seasonal ingredients.

Recipe: Thanksgiving Brussel Sprouts

Photo by Judith Hausman Brussels sprouts make an excellent side dish at Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving meal generates a lot of magazine, food-site and newspaper articles; I’ve even written my share. Ironically, everyone wants the same old recipes on the holiday, not new ones. People can’t even give up the awful, green-bean mushroom-soup casserole or the […]

Recipe: Vegetable Pastry

Photo by Judith Hausman Winter squash, such as butternut squash (pictured), goes well in this vegetable pastry. This weekend we went to visit some farmer friends in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. This rich agricultural area on either side of the beautiful Connecticut River has managed to preserve its agricultural traditions and an encouraging atmosphere […]

Brussels Sprouts and Salad Surprise

I harvested the last of our Brussels sprouts last week, and they were delicious. After washing them, I peeled off the outer leaves, then cut them each in half. I put about 2 tablespoons of water and the same amount of butter in the bottom of a lidded pot, turned it onto medium heat and tossed in the sprouts.