Carrot Apple Muffins

As you’re preparing for this week’s Thanksgiving dinner, other meals may fall by the wayside, but they shouldn’t—especially not breakfast. There are many options for serving up a simple yet nutritious breakfast on Thanksgiving morning to prepare you for the day of cooking and feasting ahead. Homemade muffins, for example, are fast, flexible and healthy. […]

vegetable soup

Vegetable Soup

Warm up this winter with a hearty classic vegetable soup!

Real Food Thanksgiving

It is always my intent to harvest from the garden year-round. I plant plenty of root crops, like beets, turnips, radishes and others, so I can keep harvesting for as long as possible.

Carrot Ginger Soup

This rich, creamy soup is made in your slow cooker and can be spiced to your taste with hot sauce and personalized with a variety of toppings.

Gifts of a Productive Garden

The vegetable garden is looking good! The lettuce is nearly ready to harvest, the carrots are an inch high, the chard is developing its first true leaves, and the cole crops are growing like weeds.

No Rain on Our Party

Things are looking beautiful in the garden, thanks in large part to the sprinkler. It’s been terribly dry here, and I have been watering nearly everyday.

Post-frost Garden

We finally got a few hard frosts last week. Funny how it always seems to happen just after my pineapple sage starts to flower.

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