Something to Crow About

We don’t have roosters on our farm anymore. Carl and Rasputin had to go to new homes because they kept raking Mom and Dad with their spurs.

New Hens on the Way!

I am so excited! We’re getting four new chickens to add to our flock.

A Scary Moment

Photo by Audrey Pavia My three “missing” chickens are safe and sound. There’s a line in an old Joni Mitchell song: “You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone.” This morning, I came to truly understand the meaning of those words. As per my usual routine, I stumbled out of bed and staggered outside […]

Crowing Roosters

Photo by Audrey Pavia Mr. Molly, crowing his brains out. When I first got my chickens, a friend on a chicken message board warned me that the crowing of bantam cocks could be quite annoying. Unlike standard-size roosters, their crows are higher-pitched and irritating. I was so in love with my two little roos that […]

Fowl Pox in Chickens

Yes, chickens can get them, too! Find out how fowl pox can affect your flock.

Mycoplasmosis in Chickens

Avoid adding a mycoplasmosis-infected chicken to your flock or you’ll have a tricky health situation on your hands.

Lice Infestation in Chickens

If you catch your chickens scratching—themselves not the ground—be on the lookout for lice in your flock.