Vitamin A Deficiency in Chickens

A lack of vitamin A in a chicken’s diet can lead to problems with its mucous-producing glands and egg-laying abilities.

Rickets in Chickens

An imbalanced diet can lead to rickets in chickens. Recognize the symptoms and take preventative measures with these tips.

Garage Chickens

Photo by Audrey Pavia Mr. Molly, hanging out by the garage door. I recently wrote about how my chickens constantly follow me around when I’m in the backyard. Shameless beggars, they have no qualms about pattering around behind me as I do my chores. Lately, they have developed another interesting quirk. They have become obsessed […]

To Chick or Not to Chick

I am constantly tempted by the adorable baby chicks for sale in feed stores at this time of year. It’s that time again — time when I walk into the feed stores in town and see heated holding pens filled with oodles of adorable baby chicks. There they are: little yellow balls of fluff. And […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Are you making New Year’s resolutions this year? Uzzi says I should resolve to stop strutting around like I own the world and also stop peeing in my beard. He’s just jealous.

Happy Holidays, From My Brood to Yours

With the holidays fast approaching, life is more hectic than ever. I’ve been busy getting everything together: doing a little shopping, wrapping far too many gifts, baking cookies, sending last-minute cards and making Christmas crafts with my son.

2011 Livestock Population Trends

The global human population reached 7 billion this month, but world food organizations wonder if livestock production can keep up.

Will San Diego Say Yes?

Photo by Aleigh Acerni Bessie, the miniature LaMancha goat that Dr. Laura Hershey is hoping to bring home. “I would rather live next door to a goat than a Rottweiler,” says San Diego, Calif. resident Dr. Laura Hershey. “Goats make great neighbors.” This comparison — between a sometimes-aggressive breed of dog that’s welcome in Hershey’s […]