Foiled Again

Photo by Audrey Pavia My hens like to lay their eggs where I can’t reach them. Sometimes I feel like there is a conspiracy going on in my barnyard. At the risk of sounding paranoid, I occasionally sense that my critters get together behind my back and try to figure out ways to make my […]

Angry Birds

Last week, I finally upgraded to an iPhone. It didn’t take long for my geek friends to convince me to download a very popular game.

Here Come the Chicks!

Mom is getting excited because it’s baby time on our farm. Our first lambs are due in just three weeks, and next week we’re getting chicks!

The Amazing Olivia

Photo by Audrey Pavia The Amazing Olivia is quite the hunter Most urban farmers aren’t too concerned with rodent control. A mouse in the house is more of a problem for us urban types than a mouse in the grain room for rural farmers. But as my friend Lisa’s dog Olivia showed me, urban farms […]

Under Water

Photo by Audrey Pavia All the heavy rains we’ve been having have made a mess of our stalls. Southern California has a reputation for being sunny and warm nearly all year round. And for the most part, it’s true. So when we have occasional bouts of bad weather and complain about it, we are no […]

The Miracle of Chicken Diapers

Courtesy Audrey Pavia Maddie the Cochin hen will soon be spending all her time indoors. When you keep livestock in the city, word gets around the office. I’m known throughout my department as someone who keeps chickens, and I’m occasionally posed with a question or two about chickens and their daily lives. But the other […]

Chicken Expressions and Lessons

The English language is full of references to chickens. I never really paid much attention to these expressions until I became a chicken owner. My flock as helped me understand the true meaning behind many of these terms—on a personal level.

Back to the Flock

It wasn’t easy getting Bobbi Jo over her bout with fowl pox. Unlike her niece, Baby Jo, it took her more than a week before I felt she was well enough to return to the flock.

Dropping Like Flies

Photo by Audrey Pavia Flies like to hang out in the stall roof. Urban farmers in Southern California don’t normally have to deal with rain. Doing chores in wet weather just isn’t on our regular agenda. But this past weekend, one of the first storms of the season blew into town and I had no […]