8 Tips for Layer Production and Health

Courtesy iStockphoto/Thinkstock Keep your layer chickens healthy by allowing them to free-range in a safe place on your urban farm. Getting fresh eggs from your backyard isn’t as easy as just plopping a chicken in a coop. To get quality eggs—keep your layer chickens healthy in the process—you need to provide your hens with a […]

Can Chickens Get Lonely?

  Rachel Hurd Anger Chickens might seem like just another pet to some, but when we’re bringing livestock into our yards, we need to remember that their needs are not the same as the needs of the animals we might keep inside our homes. If you’re keeping a single chicken or you’re considering getting just […]

4 Ways To Rekindle Your Love For Chickens

  Rachel Hurd Anger As the days grow shorter and colder, we often talk about how to care for chickens as the seasons change, and we’ll certainly discuss cold-weather care soon. But, the worst thing about chicken keeping as the seasons change isn’t the maintenance to help your flock survive the winter—in fact, depending on […]

Can Chickens Taste Hot Peppers?

During a vacation when I was a kid, I learned that seagulls were nicknamed “rats with wings.” It would be many more years before I learned that all birds are scavengers or foragers. On that vacation, my dad sprinkled hot sauce onto a French fry and threw it out of the car window to a […]

6 Expectations For Seasonal Molt

  Rachel Hurd Anger Our flock’s annual molt has always begun with the Polish in mid-summer. Next is the Partridge Plymouth Rock in late summer. In early fall, it’s the Australorp’s turn. Finally, the Silver Laced Wyandotte experiences her awkward nudity through the chilly days between Thanksgiving and the first days of December. This year, […]

Have A Rooster Backup Plan

  Rachel Hurd Anger Adding to an existing flock in the city is tricky. Usually, we only want females. We aren’t allowed enough chickens on our property to breed, and because many roosters are prone to aggression and overbreeding, they’re often too dangerous to have around our small flock of laying hens. Plus, many cities […]

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Raise Chickens

  This one thing is always missing from list articles about why someone should keep chickens: self-sufficiency. If you’ve been reluctant to fill a coop with hens, you’re still buying supermarket eggs, and you’ve noticed you’re shelling out twice the price you were a few months ago, you can thank the bird-flu epidemic. The good […]