4 Ways to Beat Mites Naturally

  During a recent chicken check, I discovered mites in my flock. One was crawling on a fresh egg in the coop, and many more were zig-zagging across a hen’s vent area. I took immediate action, of course, but I still get the willies when I think about it. Mites prefer a chicken’s warmest body […]

Give Your Flock Space to Bathe

  Chickens are good at finding places to dust bathe. They will snuggle up between the roots of old trees, lie down in the garden, and fluff their feathers in decomposing mulch. Dust bathing absorbs oil from their skin, and wood ash coats the skin to become a barrier protecting from mite infestations. As a […]

When Good Hens Go Broody

A game of seek-and-find with my broody hen didn’t produce the results that the poor girl probably wanted.

6 Things Everyone Should Know About Chickens

When I started raising my first flock of chickens, I would sometimes start a conversation with something like, “So sorry I’m late! I had to chase a chicken.” It was always true, of course, but it was a great conversation starter about my favorite hobby. Now that I’m more seasoned, I’ve noticed a pattern when […]

Now, That’s My Kind of Tractor

As I dream of a stately vintage tractor posing on my property, I depend to a simple, lightweight chicken tractor to perform my garden tilling.

chickens and cat

Are Cats a Danger to My Flock?

Because cats are carnivorous predators, it’s common to wonder if a neighborhood cat or stray will leap over your fence and attack your laying hens. But are cats really that dangerous? Stray Cat Strut While my first flock was still quite young—feathered out but not laying—a neighborhood cat would come by to stalk my birds. […]

Feeling Cooped Up

Chickens are spooked easily by sudden changes. Where I live, we haven’t had much of a traditional winter, but last week, the sky fell. In fact, an entire foot of sky piled up around my chicken coop. My dearly departed Red Star Mabel would have trudged through the snow like an Arctic explorer, but since […]