A Country Cottage in the City

After replacing their static front lawn with a living landscape, this Oregon couple realized becoming the talk of the town was a good thing.

Once a Victory Garden

For 68 years, Dowling Community Garden has put the “community” in Minneapolis community gardening.

Will San Diego Say Yes?

Photo by Aleigh Acerni Bessie, the miniature LaMancha goat that Dr. Laura Hershey is hoping to bring home. “I would rather live next door to a goat than a Rottweiler,” says San Diego, Calif. resident Dr. Laura Hershey. “Goats make great neighbors.” This comparison — between a sometimes-aggressive breed of dog that’s welcome in Hershey’s […]

DeKalb Market Opens

Photo by Jessica Toplliver Brooklyn’s DeKalb Market’s community farm sits behind the salvaged shipping containers which now house restaurants, retail shops and a radio station. Downtown Brooklyn, N.Y’s Fulton Mall is now the home of DeKalb Market, an entrepreneurial, creative group of businesses made entirely of 160-square-foot salvaged shipping containers. Twenty-two companies, including restaurants, a […]

Auction Saves Community Gardens in NYC

Photo by Kristie Deptula Carver Garden, in East Harlem, N.Y., proves that, despite hardships and with a little help from the city, a community can come together and make something beautiful. The Trust for Public Land, a national nonprofit land-conservation organization, has given the deeds to 32 of 69 community-garden properties over to Bronx Land […]

L.A. Gets Growing

Photo courtesy Getty Images/Comstock/Thinkstock Images Community gardens such as El Sereno teach families to grow their own fruits and vegetables while providing a setting that fosters community spirit. When plans to construct a road through the heart of a Los Angeles neighborhood were put on hold, residents lobbied to start a community garden in a vacant […]

Gardens Transform Urban Living

This statement by Eve Mosher, a New York-based artist, referring to urban agriculture was the unifying theme of a panelist discussion at The New School’s Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Gallery in New York last week. As a part of “Living Concrete/Carrot City,” a Ryerson University and New School collaborative series of discussions and exhibitions aimed at […]