Porch Rehab

We have lived in our current house for seven years, and ever since we moved in, we’ve been wanting to redo our front porch.

Cleanup on Aisle Farm

If there is one thing you can count on as a constant during renovation (and even new builds), it’s cleaning.

An Eye on Value

Do you remember when I made mention of a “future” upstairs. Well, it’s no longer a phase to be completed at our leisure.

Walled Up

Expanding the floor plan on our farmhouse offered more than its fair share of challenges. One such challenge was tying the existing walls of the original structure into the new walls of the expansion.

My Waterfall and My Truck

Photo by Rick Gush  After years living in the desert, I delight in living next to this waterfall. One of the things I really like about living here in Liguria, Italy, is having lots of water features near my garden. I lived in Las Vegas for 15 years before moving here, and I still get […]