Label to Certify Wind-made Products

Courtesy WindMade The WindMade label will be used indicate companies or products created using wind energy. For conscientious consumers who pay particular attention to how the goods they use are made, a new label is soon to adorn packaging to help make sustainability choices easier. The WindMade label will be the first global consumer label […]

Maryland Tries to Define “Local”

Courtesy Maryland Office of Tourism A proposed ruling in Maryland would require producers of local agriculture and seafood products, like the crabs Maryland is know for, to specify the origin of the product in advertisments. As consumers and producers alike debate the question “What is local?” one state is taking steps to help its citizens […]

Local Food Prices Indicate Value

Slightly higher-priced local-food menu options indicate a higher valued product to restaurant patrons. Not only are restaurant patrons willing to pay more for meals prepared with produce and meat from local providers, the proportion of customers preferring local meals actually increases when the prices increase, according to a team of international researchers. A recent study […]