The Book For The Lactose-Tolerant Cook

Let dairy farmers and cooks from across the country share their best recipes with you in this comprehensive cookbook exploring all things milk-based.

Recipe: Tomato Cheese Biscuits

Photo by Judith Hausman Any hard cheese will work in this tomato cheese biscuit recipe. I love community cookbooks because they are historical artifacts. Measurements might be a “soup spoon” of honey or “butter, the size of an egg.” Casseroles might use “convenience foods,” such as canned mushroom soup, and salads might be based on green […]

Easy Pumpkin Purée in a Slow Cooker

We’ve always had a casual love affair with the slow cooker, which many folks may know under the trademarked brand name “Crock-Pot.” But our friend and cookbook author, Kathy Hester, turned that occasional fling of ours into a deeply rooted relationship. Pumpkin purée in a slow cooker? Who knew? Crock-Pots rock.