cattle farm

Are Cattle Right For My Farm?

Before you invite cattle onto your farm, make sure you have everything you need to help this domesticated animal thrive.

Connecting with Others

When we’re connected to others, we become better people. —Randy Pautsch

cattle and winter forage

Calculate Winter Forage Needs

Don’t run out of hay for your livestock this winter. Plan ahead with this forage-stocking plan.

Holy Cow!

A few weeks ago, Mom let me blog about sheep trivia from the book she’s writing. People liked it, so here’s some fun facts about cows.

Fiber Animals

Yesterday morning it was 4 degrees F when Mom fed us our breakfast. She paused to scratch Mr. Tumnus’ back and hair came out! She looked closer and sure enough, the Boers are starting to shed their cashmere undercoats. Boers have cashmere?