Urban Wildlife

Photo by Audrey Pavia A goldfinch outside my office window proves the beauty of urban wildlife. When I hear people who live in rural areas talk about their wildlife sightings, I feel pangs of envy. They have deer grazing in their backyards. They have a family of raccoons that visit the back porch every night. […]

Coyotes in the Midst

Photo by Audrey Pavia Seen as a nuisance by many, I see coyotes as animals that bring a little excitement to the night. A lot of people don’t like coyotes; they raid trashcans and eat the family cat. Some people are afraid of coyote attacks on their kids. But not me — I love coyotes. […]

A Hard Lesson

Photo by Audrey Pavia Foxy loved her life as an urban barn cat. Everyone who has a barn cat knows the risks. Outdoor cats are susceptible to all kinds of dangers, and tend to have a shorter life span than their indoor counterparts. I know this and believe it. Yet I took a chance by […]