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Setting Up An Egg CSA For Your Community

Give your flock a job by setting up an egg CSA for feed funds, good food for your neighbors and food production education for those who want to know more.

Purple Potatoes

Photo by Judith Hausman Try some purple potatoes to liven up a dinner. In my CSA share a few weeks ago, I received a precious cache of new potatoes, including some blue/purple-fleshed beauties. Unlike purple string beans or peas, these tasty spuds stay almost lavender through and through, even when cooked, so they are really […]

Building Environmental Literacy

Courtesy Ben Laterell Students in Portland, Ore., get to learn about installing gardens, cooking organically and selling at farmers’ markets thanks to a Classroom Earth grant. Teachers across the country face similar challenges on a day-to-day basis, but what do teachers Remy Dou of Miami, Fla., James Lorenz of Minneapolis, and Tom McKenna of Portland, […]