How To Grow Cucumbers

Grow a top-notch cucumber harvest with these planting and harvesting strategies.

New Hens on the Way!

I am so excited! We’re getting four new chickens to add to our flock.

Recipe: Sweet and Sour Cucumber Salad

Photo by Judith Hausman Garden-bounty dinners are my favorite. After two hot weeks and two rainstorms, the cukes have popped. We raided the vines last weekend, uncovering a few giant specimens lurking under the prickly leaves. Still, I was sure they could be salvaged. Overgrown cucurbits require just a little more care unless they are hopelessly […]

Cucumbers, Cabbage, Fennel … Oh My!

I harvested the first cucumbers of the season tonight—39 beauties! I could barely lift the basket when I was finished. I planted about five different cucumber varieties hoping that if some of them died from bacterial wilt, I would still have others continue to produce.

First ’Maters

Finally! I put the first tomato plants in the ground yesterday. By my calculations, I’m about a month behind my usual planting schedule.

Pickles and Relish

Photo by Judith Hausman The new pickles at farmers’ markets are making a real comeback from the traditional dill and bread ‘n’ butter. I also like to add eclectic flair to my preserved produce by making relish. Everything old is, as they say, new again. This weekend, in a traditional Russian deli in Brookline, Mass., I saw pickled […]