banana and chocolate

Outdoor Cooking: Campfire Dessert

S’mores are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to campfire desserts. Here’s a recipe that uses two simple ingredients.

Mixed Berry Custard

Mmmmm … berries. I love to pick them myself, which I often can at my CSA farm. My mind buzz turns off, replaced by bee buzz; the bees are way too busy to bother me. In the quiet berry patch, the focused search and careful reach for ripe berries is contemplative and soothing. Eat one […]

Egg Tarts

Fashion these elegant, bite-sized desserts for a holiday treat that will impress.

Rustic Apple Walnut Galettes

Make these mini rustic pies for your next harvest feast or combine the ingredients for one delicious apple dessert.

Dark and Rich Chocolate Cream Pie

The silky, smooth filling in this pie has the pleasant bitterness of dark chocolate topped with a lightly sweetened whipped cream that doesn’t overshadow its rich flavor.

Peach … Something

Photo by Judith Hausman This dessert-without-a-name could just be called “delicious.” Not a pie, not a crisp, not quite a cobbler — still, this easy, seat-of-the-pants peach-something dessert was my solution for six or so seriously overripe peaches. I have enough peach jam, I didn’t have enough fruit to mount a canning operation and I find that […]

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