Walnut Red Pepper Spread

Walnut Red Pepper Spread

Use those shiny peppers from your CSA or farmers’ market to make this tasty dip.



True to its name (from a French verb meaning to strike or to slap), this Lyonnaise farmhouse classic delivers quite a kick.

dill dip

Crunchy Dill Dip

Whip up a delightful appetizer for your next gathering using spring-fresh veggies and herbs.

Herbed Goat-cheese Dip

Goat cheese offers a refreshing change as the base for this dip to pair with crackers or a platter of crudités.

Zuke Ghanouj

Put your zucchini bumper to new use with this variation on the Middle Eastern dip baba ghanouj.

Olive Tapenade

Impress your guests with this dip, sure to add pizzazz to any appetizer spread.

Thai Peanut-coconut Dip

Let you palate take you to exotic places with this dip inspired by the tropics of Thailand.