A rooster with four hens

Do Hens Need Roosters To Lay Eggs?

For those curious about keeping chickens, the question is common: Does a hen need to mate with a rooster to produce an egg? Here’s what to know.

8 Tips for Layer Production and Health

Courtesy iStockphoto/Thinkstock Keep your layer chickens healthy by allowing them to free-range in a safe place on your urban farm. Getting fresh eggs from your backyard isn’t as easy as just plopping a chicken in a coop. To get quality eggs—keep your layer chickens healthy in the process—you need to provide your hens with a […]

3 Reasons For Decline In Egg Quality

  Rachel Hurd Anger “My girls aren’t producing the quality of eggs that I’m used to. Some shells are rough, and they’ve reduced in size, but that’s primarily from my brown egg layers. My Rhode Island Red girls are young, but even some of their eggs have become smaller. My Dominique girls are a bit […]

The Mysterious Fairy Egg

Rachel Hurd Anger If you have a small flock, you know immediately when something’s not quite normal. And it sure doesn’t take much to shock you when your hens produce something that looks like it came from a bird you didn’t know you had, though that’s not to say that something is wrong either. Our […]

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